Return to Basics

Return to Basics


Sometimes I get so busy doing things. And, they are good things! Whether it is teaching at Main Line School Night, or tending to the horses, or being a Wordsmith Consultant (my new job!) I am often doing. And then, lo and behold, an incident occurs. And, I am brought back to basics. What is simple is often most true. It involves two lives, one horse. And, magic happens. When you strip away all the non-essentials, what I am passionate about involves two people and a horse. And, the experience which leads one to greater freedom, insight and/or clarity. Here is one reflection from a client:
“I will try my best to explain an extremely surprising and very satisfactory experience I just went thru.
I arrived at the horse farm  to be greeted by a vibrant smiling Mindy. She took me to the tack room and we chatted. It was easy to talk with her; I had seen her speak publicly online. An openly giving woman with a big heart. We went into the barn, where we did a few exercises with Rocky. I do not really know how to explain exactly what happened. I had a huge breakthrough in that barn! Mindy and Rocky had  opened my mind and my spirit and MY HEART to a personal trait of mine and it was so right on. It was like a blindfold had been lifted from my brain. It touched me to my very core. I felt instantaneous relief. This was something I was NOT prepared for. My interaction with the large mellow beast had revealed an insight into the way I had been living my life. It was a fun experience and suddenly a very insightful awareness of past emotions I was harboring.
A bright light went off in my head as I stood in the hay filled barn alongside Mindy, just looking on with great understanding of what was happening to me.
I can’t really say if it was the horse that made all of this happen, I really felt Mindy lead me, along with Rocky down the path to find the very light I was seeking. I left the barn feeling somehow healed, happy and full of life.
Thank you Mindy for the guidance you shared with me, along with the love.”

What a gift this woman was! She came to the farm open and curious, and her life was forever changed. How grateful to see this process. Fortunately, I get to experience this ALL THE TIME! Such an honor, such a privilege!

Such adorable faces!!

How about YOU? Is it time for YOU to experience what it feels like to be “happy and full of life”? The horses can make it happen. Join us for our spring horse circle, April 20th, 2019, from 2-3:00. ALSO, our next workshop is April 27th, 2019. Join us for an hour, or for a full day! Either way, the gift of the horses is YOURS!

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