Say “NO” To the drama!

Say “NO” To the drama!

We are in the midst of sweltering summer, but life continues on in a big way at The Resonant Horse! Need to take break from the heat? Stay inside, col off and listen to “The Jen and Mindy Podcast: Enriching Life With Horses and Equine Facilitated Learning.” In our facebook group, we have recently uploaded ALL of our podcast interviews! Some of them are with the top Equine Specialists in the industry! In our most recent podcast, Jen and Mindy explore how to handle drama, which is a part of life. As prey animals, horses have not only learned to survive drama, but to thrive amidst it. Listen as we uncover insights form the horses, as well as tools for our tool kit of life, and reducing drama.

One more way to lesson the drama that affects us is to slow down and pause. Our next Horse Circle, on July 17th, 7:00-9:00pm, will allow you to do just that. AND– as an added bonus, we are joining with Alana Coppola to create a drumming circle ALONG with the horse circle!! Alana is an incredible Spiritual teacher and guide, who is extremely gifted in the drumming world. 

Why, even Viton was impacted by the last drumming circle we offered!! Here, he is bowing to the sound!!
Drumming offers a symphony of rhythmic patterns which synchronizes our heartbeat as well as the horses’  heartbeat. 
Part mindfulness, part contemplation, part stillness, we will come together with the horses to gain a sense of purpose, peace and awe in our lives. So, if you are in the Phoenixville, PA area next Saturday evening,  July 17th, from 7:00-9:00pm, join us!! It could just change your life!!! Contact Mindy for more information!!

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