So Long to Jack

So Long to Jack

Many of you, if you are local to the Phoenixville area, know and love this bird:

Jack had been with us for over 2 years, he was greatly loved and cherished by everyone who came to the farm. As the farm ambassador, he felt that he was the main attraction, not the horses! And, we did not tell him any different!! So incredibly popular, he even had his own page on the Next Door App…”Jack the Phoenixville turkey!”
After two years, his behavior began to change a bit. As an adult male turkey, he had needs. And, sorry to say, they were not getting met. He really needed female turkeys to take care of his urges. I was not in a position to add another bird to our farm. So, Jack began to get frustrated. And, as he did, he took his frustrations out on the one who loved him a lot…which was me! I had to rehome him to the original farm I got him from. Safety always is our #1 priority here, and it was not safe for him to be here, if he was going to be aggressive. Currently, he is doing just fine at the farm he is at. 
And, how difficult was that choice to make! I am used to loving all creatures, and especially Jack! To have such love for him, and to know that I had to place him somewhere else, was really hard. How do you love something that is not safe for you to be around? I found that question rather profound, as I moved through the feelings I had towards him. I will ALWAYS love Jack, I just have to do it from a distance.
What about YOU? Do you ever have something in your life that you love, but you must say goodbye to? I know that the feelings I have are not unique! I am simply a part of humanity as you are, and most likely you, too, have felt such emotions. 
I am so grateful that the horses give us a safe place and the space to feel and deal with all of our emotions!  We have JUST THE EVENT for you this week…Thursday, September 29th, from 5:00-6:30 pm, we will welcome autumn with one of our stellar Horse Circles.  A marvelous way to slow down, stay present, and allow our feelings and emotions to be held in a safe space. No previous horse experience is necessary. $30.00 Event will be held at the farm. Feel free to contact me for the address if you need it. 

If you cannot make it to the Horse Circle, we are collaborating with Pennsylvania Gestalt for a ONE DAY Gestalt Workshop with their staff and the horses at the farm! This is a MARVELOUS event which can and often produces spectacular changes for those who attend!  Sunday, October 9th, 2022, from 9:00-5:30.  We will connect with the horses, as well as offering group exercises, and hotseat work. Come and explore your relationship with animals, and see how they can guide you to greater freedom in your life! $130 for group space, $230 for individual hotseat work. For more info and to register: It is an event not to be missed!!!
As always, we are actively shaping lives and touching children as well adults with the love and support the horses so freely offer us. What gifts they are!! Come and visit!!

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