It has been said that 80% of what you understand in a conversation is read through the body, not words.  And yet, much of learning today, whether it is Executives, or higher institutions of learning tends to focus on the thinking part of the brain. For many years, I.Q. test scores were the definitive way intelligence was perceived and defined. However, what is becoming clear today is that intelligence test scores only explain a quarter of the factors that account for a person’s success in life or at work. Many experts in the field are discovering that an individual who uses his/her feelings or emotions intelligently, that is, one who can be mindful of their emotions and interior state, can be more successful at work. They can also be more successful at life in general than a person lacking awareness of the effects of his/her emotions. If one wants to achieve their full potential, it is necessary for him/her to develop emotional intelligence, i.e. develop awareness and a balance of heart, mind and body.

The Resonant Horse is a novel and innovative way for Leaders, Corporations and employees to increase their level of Emotional Intelligence and quite possibly their ability to function more effectively. Using horses in an un-mounted environment, Mindy’s clients become more resonant human leaders by working in partnership with equine leaders.

Mindy offers her services at her horse farm, and has had clients attend her workshops from as far away as England and the Czech Republic.  While she cannot bring her farm to you, she can bring her knowledge, her learnings, and her ability to translate the essence of what she offers to you and your staff.

This can occur in a variety of ways:

1. One hour speaking slot, with a 30-minute question and answer. This would provide a condensed version of what The Resonant Horse offers.

Topics that can be touched on are:

• The non-predatory nature of horses, and how we can use our power in healthy, non-hurtful ways, particularly in a high-tension work environment.

• How mutual respect, cooperation and trust building are the building blocks of a successful corporation. How horses are models for those building blocks.

• How stillness, silence and the ability to notice are the foundation of right brain learning, as well as ways we can increase our Emotional Intelligence quotient.

2. A one and a half hour lecture, with a 30-minute question and answer. This would involve the above information, but with a deeper emphasis on how horses model emotional agility. Learning how to re-wire neural pathways and examples of equine leadership, which can translate to executive and employee leadership, will also be part of this two hour lecture.

3.  A half-day lecture. This would involve Lecture #2, but with the addition of experiential exercises with the horses for those present, both Execs and employees. The purpose of the exercises would be to go deeper with The Resonant Horse information they have received. Time would be allowed for question and answer.

4.  A full day lecture. This would involve Lecture #3, but with more extensive experiential exercises with the horses for individuals and corporate team building. In addition, there will be time for skills and reflection to increase one’s Emotional Intelligence quotient.
Time would be spent on the take away, so those attending would have exercises and learning for continued growth and transformation.

5. 2-5 day retreats. This would involve all of the above, but moving very deeply into how truly transformative following the Wisdom of the Horse can be. Numerous experiential exercises,  sharing of case studies, as well as extensive periods of silence and mindfulness will be part of the retreat.

For fees, contact Mindy directly.

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The Resonant Horse workshops are now accredited!! The ICF (International Coaching Federation) has designated The Resonant Horse Workshops to receive 12 CCE Credits for every workshop an ICF member tends!! Continue your stellar education, while allowing the Wisdom of the Horse to transform you and your world!