Still Lingering!

Still Lingering!



The Resonant Horse has just finished a long list of amazing activities…From the ending of our Bodacious Radiance Program, (which many were sorry to see it end!) to an AMAZING one day workshop, “Your Greatest Life”-where we partnered with the musical script from The Greatest Showman. Horses and great music are a superb combo!
In addition, Mindy was interviewed on one of the top entrepreneurial podcasts in the world-which we have included in the link, below.

In addition to the workshop last weekend, the farm hosted 3 firemen who were in town for a 3 day training seminar. AND, as if that was not enough going on, Mindy hosted 7 Rover dogs    (a pet sitting service) in addition to her 2. That, along with a dear friend visiting in town and attending the workshop, made for a very enjoyable, but hectic few days!

We are so grateful to the members of the farm tribe, who pitch in to offer a feed, or a helping hand in many ways. The Resonant Horse cannot exist in a vacuum…it needs the eyes, hands and hearts of many others as we journey along the way.
As the pace of life picks up, as it did for us last week, we need only look up to see the beauty around us. Linger, and notice. Come back to grazing, to a state of satiation and contentment, as the horses do. For me, it took some time to get  back to that place. Fortunately, pictures like this help me get there, and regain my sense of balance, which always brings me to gratitude.

How perfect is this picture of a sunset a couple of evenings ago? Every night, we have a new picture painted by our Creator. What a gift! This sight brings me to appreciate not only nature, but the beauty of all Creation.
What do YOU  have to appreciate in your life? We want to know!!
I know that we sure do appreciate YOU! And all your support for us.
If you are in the Newtown Square area on July 4th, and are attending the parade, don’t forget to look for us…we will have 3 horses being ridden in the parade.  Don’t forget to say “hi” when you see us!! We will be giving away copies of “From Muck to Magnificence, How Cleaning Horse Stalls Can Lead to an Astonishing Life!”
Join us for our next Horse circle, Thursday, July 5th, 7:00 pm at the farm. Hope to see you there



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