Summer is Almost finished


Summer is almost finished, and the amazing colors and changes of Fall will soon be upon us.

CHANGE. It is everywhere, and yet, we may resist it when it comes. For the lucky souls who have attended our workshops, they may come away with a new perspective on change. As we observe God’s magnificent horses, we notice that when they are in their natural environment, they do not resist or over-react to change. They handle it appropriately, in the moment, and hold no judgements. Great models for us, when change and discomfort come.

In the spirit of change, we are offering a NEW alternative for our FINAL two workshops of the year!!

Sept. 26th, and Oct. 10, we will come together and gain insight and wisdom from the horses. New exercises, new horses, new CHANGES. We will be SHIFTING our focus–learning how to stay present, recognize emotion, but not over-react.

Perhaps you can join us, and experience what others have.

“Working with Mindy and her four-legged teachers gave my body a felt sense of groundless and direction. It affects the way I relate to other people-both in my personal and professional relationships. It gave me more confidence and ease…”

“…A safe environment where healing and learning are inevitable.”

Giving yourself the gift of a workshop with horses can be the most loving and kind way to offer yourself exquisite self-care. It truly can be the gift that keeps on giving, for the learning never ends. For more information, email me at:

We look forward to you being with us this fall!

-And remember: Awe is all around!
Sincerely, Mindy Tatz Chernoff