Take Time to Pause

Take Time to Pause

TRH is a way of being, of relating to others in the world around you, through the wisdom and knowledge gained through interactions with horses.

-Mindy Tatz Chernoff

“Vacates atgue non
Locates Deusederit”
“Bidden or not bidden,
God is present”
Plaque over the door as one would enter Carl Jung’s home.

The days are getting shorter, and I find myself….SLEEPING!
Yep! Now that the incredible focus, energy and intention of the TEDX Talk is behind me, I am resting. A lot!
And, noticing.
Look at this beauty:

bleeding heart flower


These are bleeding hearts, and their color and design are just exquisite! This flower pot was from my barn in Penn Valley, many years ago. It was used as a trash disposal, one where the shaft (blue part) would be in the ground. Only the black lid would be above ground. I love repurposing things, so this was a wonderful solution to keeping an antique! The brilliant color of the flower against the blue is striking. Of course, it takes some effort to slow down enough to see such beauty. I am doing a lot of that right now, as I move on from my recent TEDX Talk. Now, the wait begins, as it takes about one month for the Talk to go online and viral. I am pausing, enjoying the time. I am sleeping a lot. I am slowing down, and noticing. Intentionally being compassionate towards myself. It is coming easier to me, as I focus on it. The Bodacious Radiance Program, Part II we are currently offering helps move me to a place of self compassion. It is wonderful to be surrounded with like minded women, who are digging deeper into what the world offers them. And who are digging deeper into their own souls, to say “yes” to the invitations that await them. It is truly an exciting time.
What invitations do you have? What have you been noticing? You know, years ago, flowers were said to be used as a source of currency. They were that valuable! I can understand why…such beauty, such fragility. Visible for such a short time and then they are gone. That is why, once again, we must appreciate the beauty which is in front of us, right now.
So…what are you gazing at that is exquisite? We want to know!!
And…join us for our fall happenings! We have a Horse Circle Saturday, October 20th, from 2:00-3:30 here at the farm. Contact me for more information.
Stay tuned for an all day Resonant Horse fall workshop, date TBD.

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