As most of your know, I will be presenting my second TEDX Talk at the 7th Annual TEDX Wilmington’s Annual Conference, this Thursday, September 27th, at 8:00 am. I am honored and humbled to tell you that I have been chosen to offer the first Talk of the day! AND…You can watch it LIVE!!! At 8:00 am EST., tune into TEDXWILMINGTON.COM, and follow the prompts for live-streaming. It is as easy as that!! And then, after we present our Talk, stay tuned for 29 other stellar Speakers! See you there!!

Here is more info:
The 7th Annual TEDxWilmington is our 31st TEDxWilmington event held since TED granted the license to Ajit Mathew George in 2011. This year’s theme is “NOW WHAT?”
We live in an age of information with a seemingly endless flow of ideas, and yet we have almost no idea what to do with them most of the time. With so many amazing resources at our fingertips, we now pose the important question of what to do with it all. What is the next step in the right direction? NOW WHAT?
Come find out how you can put Ideas into Action.
This year’s annual conference will showcase 29 speakers (plus a horse!) from around the world who will come to Wilmington to share their Ideas Worth Spreading in a TEDx talk. These speakers were selected from a list of 234 speakers who applied from 33 States, the District of Columbia and 8 countries. A list of the speakers and their bios is available at www.tedxwilmington.com where you can also find more information about the event.
Over the past seven years, TEDxWilmington has showcased 432 speakers and performers who gave 410 TEDx talks that have attracted over 13 million (to be exact 13,240,234) views as of September 3, 2018.

This year we are bringing the TEDxWilmington Annual Conference to an all new location!
The Figure 8 Barn in Bellevue State Park is a century old space inside of a Delaware State Park. Originally intended for horse training and shows, The Figure 8 Barn is now an ideal venue for even the largest of events. With its 30,000 square foot open floor plan and the ability to accommodate more than 3,000 guests, it includes two large performance areas with a connecting walkway. One side will include theater seating and a stage for our marvelous speakers, and the other will be open with picnic tables for eating lunch and mingling.
Speaking of lunch, the price of admission will include lunch from your choice of two different, amazing, local food trucks with options for any dietary needs:

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