Being Thank-full can appear many different ways. It can be as simple as shifting our gaze to look at a flower or notice a leaf falling. It can be a ride through meadows and woods. Whatever the external experience is, maintaining an internal state of gratitude is a wonderful way to live! Not just during the week of Thanksgiving! I am so grateful that the horses teach and remind me how to be thankful. Want to know how? Read on!!

                                        HOW HORSES TEACH US TO BE THANKFUL

  • Horses have an innate ability to accept what is, all the time. Wonderful models for us, to not resist and accept what is happening in our lives. Not only accept, but to bring us to a place of gratitude for all the blessings in our lives.
  • Horses are fully present and live in the moment, one moment at a time. They encourage us to slow down, stop, and notice. Notice what good things are unfolding directly in front of us. That can draw us to being thankful.
  • Horses do not get caught up in drama. If they are stressed, they feel the stress, and then do what they can to return to a state of satiation. They show us how we, too, can return to a state of calm, satisfaction and thankfulness.
  • Horses are masters of E.I. soft skills-listening, noticing, not reacting. When we become still, we, too can enlarge upon those necessary skills. We can increase our Emotional Intelligence quotient.
  • For thousands of years, we have ridden these magnificent animals. And they have taken us where we needed to go. Now, we can sit with them, as they continue to take us where we need to go–to places, of stillness and gratitude. Just their presence can bring us to a state of being thankful.

As we move into the holiday season, allow the horses to shift your perspective into one of gratitude and awe. Join us for our next Horse Circle, Saturday, December 7th. 1:00-2:30. $25.00
And, on Christmas, we shall be having a special holiday meditation: “Devotion in a Barn”. 1:00-2:30. Join us for hot cider as we have a time of stillness and quiet within the barn. $25.00

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