The Animals


Viton is my double registered Paint and Pinto gelding. Now 21 years old, I have owned him since he was 6. He is Paint World Champion, and a two time Pinto Congress Champion. I use him for my bridleless riding exhibitions, as well as with The Resonant Horse. He is the charmer of the barn, loves nearly everybody, and insists on being spoiled often. He usually gets his way!

“Zips Coffee Bar” AKA Coffee:

One of my Quarter Horses. Coming from Zippo Pine Bar bloodlines, he is well bred, and very safe and sane. He is the one I often use for Resonant Horse work in the round pen environment. The boundaries he has makes for incredible learning for those who take the time to notice. He is well loved by many and is an amazing teacher.


The elder statesman of the barn. At 32 years old, he has been with us since he was 11 years old. He loves his Mommy, who has owned and loved him since he arrived. Duke and Jem are rarely separated and are wonderful herd members.


In early 2020, Snickers passed away after a long, valuable life. He will be missed and is always loved.

Rocky (the black gelding)

Owned by Mindy, he and Viton are buddies.



He is 24 years old, and has been with us since he was 9. He is owned by a wonderful family whose daughter is now in college. She comes home every chance she gets to see Jem.


Calvin Is our newest addition. He came to us after Mindy attended a Brent Graef clinic up in Rhode Island. He needed to be rehomed, so he is now a welcome addition to the farm family. He and Rocky are best friends. Here is a picture of him with Shemu.


Our newest emu is Shemu. She pretty much has the run of the pastures. However, our wonderful barn maintenance director DID build her a “shemu mansion” where she can be out of the severe weather.

Jack, the Phoenixville Turkey

The only turkey that has his own Next Door Group! Jack is a Royal Palm turkey, which is a decorative breed. He LOVES to meet new people who come to the farm. He LOVES to show off, and he feels he is the main attraction, not the horses!


The Resonant Horse workshops are now accredited!! The ICF (International Coaching Federation) has designated The Resonant Horse Workshops to receive 12 CCE Credits for every workshop an ICF member tends!! Continue your stellar education, while allowing the Wisdom of the Horse to transform you and your world!