The Extraordinary in the Ordinary

The Extraordinary in the Ordinary

I know, I know, this was NOT the picture you thought you would be seeing today!


Shemus feet

But seriously, how COOL are Shemu the emu’s feet!

How extraordinary!!
I have the privilege of seeing these feet nearly every day. And, it never gets old, the way she walk/runs, so quick to react. Totally understandable why they call them “flighty birds.” Her reaction to anything she perceives as a threat is quick and comical, at times. She moves SO fast!!
She may be just a bird, but when I see her react so quick, it reminds me of when I overreact. In the moment, I can be acutely aware I am overreacting, and yet, I still do it. Last week, I had a repairman-I’ll go ahead and say-it was Sears-who was scheduled to come out between 10:00-2:00 on a weekday. 2:00 came and went, and no serviceman. 3:00 came and went, 4:00 came and went. No phone call, no explanation, nothing. I was the one who called them 6 times that day. Yes, 6 times! I neverĀ got a reason or an explanation. When I was on the phone with them, I was conscious of the fact that I was overreacting, and yet I continued to do it. Did not help that I was talking to people in the Philippines, no less! Not really any advocate there!
Eventually I calmed down, and surrendered to what I had absolutely no control of. I came back to myself, focused on my world, and returned to being grateful for what is the ordinary.
Seeing Shemu every day is very ordinary for me. However, when I set my intention and look closely at her feet, or her feathers, I see an extraordinary bird. I look closer, and the ordinary transforms. What in YOUR life becomes transformed, when you gaze at it? Sometimes a slight shifting of our gaze is all that is needed. May you find the extraordinary within the ordinary!

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