The Mud Finally Won!

The Mud Finally Won!

It happened. I knew it would. I finally got stuck. I mean, really stuck. In the mud. I could not move. I could not twist, turn or get myself unstuck. I was a prisoner of the mud. And, I was holding a lead rope as I had attempted to lead a horse. All was working out fine, until we got to the “sacrifice area” of the pasture…You know, the spot where the horses hang out, near the gate.
I guess I need to back up a bit, and give you more detail. You see, here on the east coast, we have had 6 months of constant rain.. Usually, by August, the pastures are so dried up, everything is brown! Well, things are brown all right, but it was from all the mud. The ground never had a chance to dry out, due to all the rain. In the 11 years I have lived here, I have never seen my pastures in such a compromised state. Makes life challenging for the horses, for my service peeps, for me.
SO, as I went to bring Rocky in from the pasture, it finally happened. This:

Boots in mud #2


I hope you can see the gravity of the situation…The tops of the boots reach up to my
That is how entrenched they were in the mud!
So, anyone who feels life with horses is glitter and glamour, here is the reality!!
So…What does one do?
One of the pasture gates was right next to me, so I was able to twist my body and rest my arms on the panels, to collect my thoughts. Pulling and stretching my foot, to try to dislodge the boot was of absolutely no use. It was clearly impossible to get my boot out of the mud. I could not go anywhere! I cried. I grabbed my cell phone, and after I cleaned it off from it falling into the mud, I texted my neighbor, to see if they could come over. I needed a shovel, preferably a pointed nose one, to attempt to dig myself out. I texted my student, who was on her way over. Fortunately, Rocky is a really quiet boy, and he had no problem standing still and waiting for me. I so appreciated his patience!
After what seemed like an eternity, my student arrived, and she quickly went into the barn to retrieve the shovel. And, then the work began. It took some time, but eventually I could see the top and sides of the boot. I attempted to try to pull the boot out, but to no avail. It was still not budging, even though I could clearly see all around the boot.
Great lesson here…we may think we know the answer, but we must stay creative…Don’t resist, just do the next right thing. Allow your mind to be open, and search for the Plan B.
So, that is what I did. I knew there was no more mud on the top and sides of the boot. So, that was not the problem. Gradually, I moved the nose of the shovel underneath my boot. VOILA! THAT was the answer! Within seconds, a HUGE suction sound was heard, as the pressure of the mud, faced with an air pocket, produced the sound. AND a release. I quickly moved my boots away from the muddy area, and followed the fence line, while still leading Rocky, to safer ground. WHEW! I was so grateful to hear that sound! It signified the answer to my dilemma! While the rest of the day was spent in recovering from my ordeal, I was nevertheless grateful that I called for help, and help came!! And, when the difficulties arrive, staying open and creative is a huge help!
Even in distress, lessons can be learned!
The mud did not win!!!
We just finished up a stellar weekend…an AMAZING all day workshop, followed by a wonderful peaceful and serene Horse Circle. It was a jam packed weekend, where lives are constantly being changed!!! Watching as others are learning to live a life in freedom with the horses is such a wonderful thing to see! Gratitude abounds!
Give us a call…Perhaps it is YOUR time for freedom!

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