The Old Becomes New (Almost)!

The Old Becomes New (Almost)!

Most of you know that I have a life long love connection with horses. From receiving my first pony when I was 8, to today, they have been one of the constants in my life. And, there is one more thing which was a constant…This tiny tack box.

Tack box, empty 1tack box, empty 2

This precious small box held EVERYTHING I needed for my pony at the time. I am not sure when I received it, but I recall having it by the time I was 12 years old. I even remember holding it early in the morning when I would ride 5 miles…that is right–FIVE MILES–to a horse show, show all day, and then ride (the 5 miles!) back with it. Along with all my trophies and ribbons, of course!
Most old folks say: “When I was young, I had to walk 1/2 a mile to the bus stop!” Well, I did that, too, but I also RODE to some of my horse shows!
The point is, not that I rode 5 miles to a show…which by itself is pretty incredible!! BUT that, through all the years…youth, high school, college, marriage, kids, divorce, 3 barns, this tiny tack box has been with me. It has been up in my hay loft for years!
Until Deb, one of my barn peeps, started to lease Calvin. He is the stunning bay that came to live with us last year. She mentioned that she needed a small tack box to store her brushes, etc. in. So, of course I immediately told her to not spend more money…But use what I already have! I love the repurposing of this tiny box. One which held so many memories for me. And now the gift keeps on giving. It now serves another horse lover.

tack box, filled

Tiny things, great memories. The old stays old, but has a new use. We are cleaning it up as best we can. It shows its wear…but that is part of its beauty. It may be old, but it still comes to great use. How grateful I am I still have it. And, it can touch the heart of another.
Old things…Still of value. I am sure many of you can relate to that…What is it in YOUR life that needs to be reused, or used in a different, new way? What do you need to value in your life? The horses can help you find out!

Our Resonant Horse in the Round Horse Circles are kind of old…but we are continuing to offer them in a different way… inside the barn! Our next one is January 14th, from 2:00-3:30. Join us!

ALSO…The Amazon #1 Hot New Release; “From Muck To Magnificence: How Cleaning Horse Stalls Can Lead to an Astonishing Life” is available at Amazon..BUT ALSO ON KINDLE– and NOW on AUDIBLE!!! Narrated by yours truly! YIPPEE!! THREE Ways to be inspired!!

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