The OLD Becomes NEW

The OLD Becomes NEW


old jacket 1old jacket 2

I know what you are thinking! What reason could I possibly have had to include this schmata (that is Yiddish for rags!) in this blog? Please bear with me…There really is a story behind this!
10 years ago, as I shared in my previous blog, Viton and I traveled to Tulsa, Oklahoma, where we won the Pinto Congress. SO, when one has such a prestigious win, it is only natural to order a Pinto Congress jacket. After all, I had waited FIFTY YEARS to win, so I was going to share with the world our incredible accomplishment. On my back. Often. So, wear this jacket, I did. Everywhere!! For 10 long years. From out to the barn, to the Quarter Horse Congress, to horse shows, I wore it. Eventually, as you can see, I wore it out! With holes, tears, and tattered all around, I just could not bear to part with it. However, wearing it surely qualified me as a jacket version of a “bag lady.” So, what to do? I really needed to say goodbye.
I stayed open and curious, searching for an answer. One day, pretty much out of the blue, it came to me. Why is it that so often, that is how things come to us? I guess the mind can put ideas into our head more when we are open and curious, then when we are closed. Makes perfect sense.
I decided to track down the embroidery vendor at the Pinto Congress in 2007. Sure enough, Tioga Territory was still in business. First victory! Then, I called them, explained my story and asked if they, by some miracle, still had access to the logo from the 2007 Pinto Congress. Second victory, they did!
So, it was not a problem to design a NEW jacket, with the OLD logo. I am so grateful to them for accommodating my wish!

new jacket

Here is the new, improved version! I no longer have to walk around in my “bag lady” jacket!! Here’s to staying open and curious, until the answer arrives.
May we ALL have patience until our answers arrive!! Until then…Take some wisdom from Marie Ranier Rilke: “Be open towards all that is unresolved in your heart, and try to honor the questions themselves.” One of my favorite quotes of all time!
Our next Resonant Horse Circle is Saturday, December, 16th, from 3:00-4:30.

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