The Resonant Horse Changes YOU!

The Resonant Horse Changes YOU!

For those reading this, many of you know how deeply the horses impact lives. I am seeing, almost on a daily basis, how true this has become. I am often in awe as I have the privilege of partnering with the horses to experience THIS:
(It is lengthy, but, oh, SO worth it!)
After one of our horse circles:
“Mindy, I just wanted to give you some awesome feedback on what was a profound experience for me…Often I need time to process an experience, so I went home and did just that. After spending some time reflecting and journaling I went to bed. And then the miracle! Due to having Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy I sleep very little. Only a few hours a night due to severe pain symptoms. Well, not only did I sleep from 11:30-6:30, but I had the most amazing dream where I mattered. The dream details were not important but the take away for me was not only did I sleep peacefully but I dreamed that plain old me really mattered without me having to do anything for anyone. Something I have struggled with for many years. I did not have to be a human doing…just me being who I am, which I think really matters to people I love. I attribute all the miracles of last night to that place your beautiful herd brought me to. I cannot thank you enough for welcoming me and facilitating what was a wonderful experience.”

WOW!! What an honor, to assist one in something as simple, but so necessary, as precious SLEEP! What a gift these horses are! Do YOU need a touch in YOUR life? There are plenty of opportunities…2 marvelous events going on:
1. Our next horse circle–Resonant Horse In The Round–is THIS SATURDAY, Aug. 26th, at the farm from 4:30-6:00. $20.00 We would love to see you be a part of the herd!
2. I will be at Middletown Free Library, 21 Pennell Rd. (RTE 452), Media, Friday, Sept. 8th, from 2:00-3:00. They will be showing my TEDX Talk, and then I will be doing a chapter read from the newly released book. Q and A to follow. Free and open to he public.

Come visit us! Come change your life!

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