The Resonant Horse in the Round-On the Road!

The Resonant Horse in the Round-On the Road!

Many of you in the Philadelphia area are aware of the incredibly popular Horse Circles, or “Resonant Horse In The Round” as we are calling them. It is such a privilege to partner with the amazing horses here on the farm. They are so open, accepting and curious every time we offer a circle. Not only do horses offer us immediate, in the moment feedback, but lives are being changed every time one joins in a circle. The horses are able, in a loving and powerful way, to be such catalysts for change. It is a beautiful thing to behold.
Which brings me to today’s blog…Recently, I was asked to present a Resonant Horse in the Round Circle to a group of amazing facilitators and students of E3A, a marvelous training program for Equine Facilitated Learning. (I am trained and certified in E3A). I was to present this exercise at one of the closing sessions at the first E3A International Convention, held last week in Atlanta, GA.
Quite a tall order…To offer a horse circle, with horses I have never met, and in a facility where I have never been in before.
What a challenge! As I prepared, I wondered, would it work? I know my horses intimately, so I often know how they will move and act before they actually move. But, new horses, new surroundings….what to do? For a moment, I thought of hauling two of my horses down, but then decided against that. Way too much work!!
In the end, I came to the decision I was going to have to do two things. Trust. And love.

Yes, it was true that I did not know the two horses which we were going to use for the activity. But, I do know that horses, as well as living creatures, both two and four legged, respond to love.
So, that was my mantra, as I went about preparing for the Resonant Horse in the Round. As the nerves would come and present themselves…I am, after all, very human…I took a deep breath, trusted that all would be well, and opened my heart in love. I planned to do the best I could, and let go of the outcome.
WELL…It turned out much different than I had planned! All in a good way! The first part, especially!! “Nate the Great” was one of my equine partners, and BOY, was he GREAT!! Every time I would try to explain a point, either talking to the audience, or on the easel board, he would come in and stand in front of me, so I could not see the audience. OR, he would go over to the easel and tear off some of the paper. Another time, he knocked over the chair I had been sitting in. He was SUCH A CLOWN! What was “supposed to,” in my brain, be a rather serious season turned into one of extreme laughter, joy, and incredible fun. Eventually, Nate did settle down, and when the circle began, he introduced himself to all those in the middle. Then, he firmly planted himself in front of one amazing woman, and began to be still. Which is exactly what occurs in the horse circles at my farm.


I was AMAZED at the congruence which presented itself. It makes no difference where one is…if they can be open, curious and nonjudgemental, the horses heal. Every time. What a treasure! As you can see, these sessions are nothing short of magical. How honored I was to present at this E3A Convention…My hope is that others will begin to offer this to their clients. This word need to GET OUT, where others can be touched by our amazing horses, the Master Teachers!

Our next Resonant Horse in the Round is Thursday, Oct 5th., as well as Monday, Oct 9th. Come if you are available!

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