The Time Is NOW!

The Time Is NOW!

January is upon us, and The Resonant Horse is undergoing lots of changes. In my last blog, I shared with all of you about the passing of Snickers, who I had brought up from Florida as a 4 year old. After a couple of years, I sold him to a friend, and 26 years later, he came back to live his senior years with us. I was BLOWN AWAY by how many of you emailed me, expressing your kind thoughts. Thank you so much!! It is a wonderful thing to know that others are touched!
       Even with the loss of Snickers, time continues to march on, as does our desire at The Resonant Horse to provide YOU with what you need be fully alive, living your best life right now. In the spirit of that, we are introducing two fantastic offerings for 2020-To Make this YOUR Year!! Your Time to SHINE! 

 First Offering:

Tailored to enhance your Personal Development Skills where you will:

  • Get unstuck from damaging thought patterns
  • Set healthy boundaries.
  • Increase your gratitude quotient.
  • Gain tools for dealing with discomfort.
  • Let go of control, gaining trust.
  • Every session, you will have experiential exercises with the horses.

Course consists of 5 modules with Mindy and the horses.
Purchasing Linda Kohanov’s Power of The Herd is mandatory for the course. There will be homework, chapter readings and weekly questions to answer. Weekly handouts.
1 to 1 hour and 15 minute sessions on site at the farm with the horses.
1 follow up phone consult 2 weeks post-course.
Contact Mindy to learn more! 610-247-0408

  Second Offering:                                 

Tailored for those who are on the verge of an incredible breakthrough, and are ready to DO THE WORK necessary to be free and embrace your magnificence!

In this course you will:
Study the bestseller book: The Big Leap, by Gay Hendricks (How to Conquer Your Hidden Fear and Take Life to the Next Level.) 

  • Access many of the skills in Personal Development 101.
  • Begin to view your struggles and frustrations as gifts, not deficits.
  • Cultivate a life of presence and intention.
  • BELIEVE in YOU! If not now, when??
  • Give yourself permission to allow your magnificence to SHINE!
  • Every session, you will have experiential exercises with the horses.
  • Be part of a private Facebook group for support and encouragement.

 Course consists of 6 modules with Mindy and the horses. Hendricks book is mandatory for the course. There will be chapter readings, homework and  weekly handouts.
 -1 and ½ hour sessions will be onsite at the farm with the horses.
– 3 follow up phone consults post-course.
Contact Mindy to learn more! 610-247-0408

**In the spirit of clarity, this course is not a self-help course. This is an intensive, where the greatest gift you can offer yourself is to embrace the deep work and be amazed at the results.With the New Year comes a time to renew your commitment to YOURSELF, and the horses and I can surely assist you in that! Both of these offerings are made to enhance the experiential exercises with the horses, as well as to allow you to integrate the learnings immediately.

While The Resonant Horse cannot guarantee results, if you can be open, curious and non-judgemental, the way horses are, and be open to working hard, you will most likely experience changes. Mindy Tatz Chernoff is not a licensed therapist, rather she is an Equine Specialist, specializing in Equine Facilitated Learning, 

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