Time to Unplug?

Time to Unplug?

Time to Unplug?
What could we possibly need to unplug from?
Plenty…read on!!
Most everyone I know carries around a handheld device…cellphones! Here is what Widener University Professor Dwight DeWerth-Pallmeyer has to say about them:
“Everyone carries a computer in their pocket. Every time it vibrates or dings, you get this little dopamine rush that says, ‘I need to respond.'”
In addition, he says that due to cellphones, “There is a broader stretch of knowledge now because of access to information, but critical thinking is lost in the process. We know a little bit about everything now, but it is an inch deep. What we are missing is the depth of thought. There is a lack of self reflection that goes on.There is a difference between my nine-word tweet and my sitting down in a room and talking with you.”
How right he is!! I have found I am addicted to my cellphone. So much so, that I now plan times when I put it down and step away from it. One of those times are when I am in the barn. 

Being in the barn and with the animals is the antidote to cellphone distraction. I make the choice to pull the plug on the device, so I can plug into something much more wonderful…the energy and love of the animals. The satisfaction which comes from care-taking. And, the reminder to be and stay in the present moment. 
Do YOU need to be reminded of such things!?We have SO MANY OPTIONS for you!  All to aid in unplugging and plugging back into a much more spectacular life.
-Our next Horse Circle is Saturday, March 28th from 2:00-3:30. A PERFECT way to unwind and connect with what is really important and meaningful in our lives.
-And, speaking of MEANING-We have TWO incredible offerings for one-on -one transformation! 
    1. Personal Development 101 Course, a 5 module course where we partner with the horses to get unstuck, learn how to set healthy boundaries, gain tools for dealing with discomfort..and many more!
     2. Birthing a Breakthrough: Returning Home to Your Heart, a 6 module course for those who are on the verge of an incredible breakthrough and are ready to do the work, along with the horses, to move towards your magnificence!
Need a one day workshop?! We have one for you!! On April 18th, from 9:30-4:00, we will spend the day with the horses, “Blooming Into Your Best Life!”
Need a one day spiritual retreat? Then join us,  Saturday, April 25th, as Mindy facilitates a one day retreat at Black Rock Retreat Center, courtesy of New Hope Christian Church. Contact Lorraine at lorraine7evans@gmail.comto register.
AND, last but not least, Mindy will be teaching at Main Line School Night this summer.  “So You Want To Give A TedX Talk?”  will be a two session course, in the evening. Dates will be decided soon. 
Finally, don’t let the attachment to our devices lull us into a complacency…There is SO MUCH to be grateful for, and so much we offer you here at The Resonant Horse. We hope to see you SOON!!

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