Time to VOTE!!!

Time to VOTE!!!

IT IS TIME!!! Time for YOU to support The Resonant Horse in an easy, simple way. For those of you who are local to the Philadelphia area-Voting for this adorable picture is happening Thursday, and Friday of THIS WEEK!! Just head to Beauty Art, Gifts and Decor, 3857 Providence Rd, Newtown Square. From 10:30-5:30, you can vote and hang out in one of the best gift stores around!

Viton and dog

Curiosity x 2 is the title,
as Viton and Kiwi get acquainted. Signed copies are available for purchase at the gallery.
I like to be curious, and I love it when I see it. You cannot be curious and judgmental at the same time. Just does not work that way. So, I prefer to be curious. Easier said than done. But, fortunately, I have great reminders, like this picture, to stay in the place of curiosity, openness and nonjudgement. Reminds me of horses!! They are almost always in that place of openness and curiosity.
We will let you know how we do in the contest, and for those of you who are local, we are counting on your support!
Thanking you in advance!!!! Our next Resonant Horse in The Round circle is THIS SUNDAY, October 15th, from 5:00-6:30. Join us if you can!!!

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