To Every Thing There Is A Season

To Every Thing There Is A Season

“To every thing there is a season and a time for every purpose under heaven.” Eccles. 3:1

Probably one of the most often quoted verses from the Bible, don’t you think? It explains, in such a succinct way, that life happens. And, when it does, there is a purpose and a reason for it all. We may not understand the reason, but it is there, nonetheless. I feel that one of the difficult aspects of our lives today is the discomfort we are often in until the answer comes, or the discernment, or the peace…or all of the above!!
I have been a bit blog-silent lately, as I am faced with some changes to The Resonant Horse. Changes which will be good, and purposeful, but are nonetheless difficult to carry out. Even as I type this, I am still in the midst of quite a lot of unknowns. But, that is perfectly alright. 
Here is what I DO know: The Resonant Horse will be moving. Soon. We are NOT closing!  
We are simply moving to another facility. Where is it? Well, I am working on that one!! As far as I can see, I will still be close in the area. As more is understood, more will be revealed. 
I am so very grateful to the horses who model for me what change can look like, healthy change. And, while I am a far cry from modeling it perfectly, they are the ones who always woo me to return to a state of satiation and go back to “grazing” so to speak. Very challenging with all the decisions that must be made. However, I am a woman of trust, so eventually I return to that state of faith and belief and yes, trust that all will be well. 

Trust does not happen in a vacuum. We need to stay connected to ourselves as well as to others. Kind of like Rocky and Calvin…they are BFF’s and they are often together…in the stall, in the pasture. And, the times when one of them may wander off away from the other, eventually they return to being near each other.
I am finding that now, more than ever I need the companionship of my friends and family. Not to offer advice-that I do not need, but what I need is for them to be a kind ear, to hold the space for grace and miracles to unfold. Resilencey and grace,  those are my bywords as I journey through this new stage of my life. 
As the transition continues, we are STILL hosting our horse circles! Our next one is Thursday, October 3rd, from 6:00-7:30. Join us!
AND, on October 5th, we are hosting an amazing one day workshop, with Dr. Sarah Brown and I, along with the horses! It will be a powerful time of rejuvenation and insight. Perfect for those who are simply tired of living the same old lives. Defiantly tailor made for those who have the courage to step up to believe their life could FINALLY look different! This workshop could just be the catalyst!!! Contact us soon, as attendance is limited!!!

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