We Are Up and Running!

We Are Up and Running!

One of the things I love to do is listen. To Podcasts. I do it a lot. And out of that interest came a desire to actually launch one of my own. So, I did just that…I found a trusted and wonderful friend and colleague, Jennifer Kaplan, out in Reno, Nevada. We gel together SO WELL I knew it would be a good fit. Her she is, in all her glory.

We came up with a game plan, a mission statement, what we wanted the Podcast to “feel” like: and off we went! Well, it was not quite that easy, it was a steep learning curve for us. In the midst of the pandemic, working on selling the house, taking care of the critters…Yes, I guess you could say there is a lot going on! Even so, there is a strong desire to step up the impact the horses can have. With some music from my dear friend David Jacobs Strain, we have officially entered the world of podcasting. Any way to spread the word about the healing power of the amazing horses is something I am totally up for! As is Jen! We have our first 4 guests lined up–they are AMAZING and you do not want to miss them!! They are WORLD RENOWN! And you will get the chance to get the inside scoop into their lives, and the lives of their horses. We are looking forward to engaging conversations and storytelling with the horses as our Master teachers and mentors. We hope you will tune in and and join our Facebook Group: The Jen and Mindy Show. We both feel strongly that the world needs some added HOPE, and nothing better than 1200 pounds and two soulful eyes to aid us in moving towards that!

Any topics you would like us to focus on? We need your input! Listen to it at your leisure. https://enrichinglifethroughhorses.libsyn.com


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