ONCE AGAIN, WE WON! This photo, taken on a ride at Radnor, is the capture of a moment. Entitled “Bliss” it won the #2 spot at the recent Beauty Art and Gifts Gallery Photo Contest in Edgmont Township. IN ADDITION, WE WON THE PEOPLE’S CHOICE AWARD, FOR THE SECOND TIME!!!
At the awards reception, I found myself in such stellar company-with tremendously gifted artists! It was SO humbling!! I am in awe that such a simple picture, taken on my iPhone, no less, could touch so many!!! Grateful, indeed!
This photo, along with my previous winner, entitled “Curious x Two” (see below) are now available as note cards, packets of three.

Viton and dog

GREAT holiday presents! ($14.00 for a packet, which includes shipping and handling! ) Keep in mind we have a LOT of wonderful gift offerings!! In addition to the note cards, we have homemade repurposed grains bags, which are now tote bags. All one of a kind, and fully lined. ($13.00 includes shipping and handling.)

tote bags
AND, don’t forget the Amazon #1 Hot New Release: “From Muck to Magnificence, How Cleaning Horse Stalls Can Lead to an Astonishing Life.”
It is available in hardcover, at Amazon.com, in Kindle, and, just recently on AUDIBLE!! Lots of ways to get he word out! If you are local to Newtown Square you can stop by the farm for a copy. Only $20.00!
AND>>>Don’t forget the HORSES!! They are the stars! Give the gift of a session, a horse circle, a lesson, the options are endless! We want to see you this season!! And your friends. This kind of love and learning MUST be spread around!!! Way too wonderful to keep to ourselves!! We hope to see you SOON!!
May the Spirit of the Holidays dwell in your heart!
-And remember: Awe is all around!
Sincerely, Mindy Tatz Chernoff

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