We Have Been A Little Quiet!

We Have Been A Little Quiet!

Just because TRH blog has been quiet, it does not mean that things are NOT HAPPENING here at the farm!! And, BOY, are they  happening!
First, we have made the decision to sell the farm and downsize the operation. TRH is NOT closing its doors. Just moving to new ones! Desiring to focus on more important aspects of the work, in addition to being a good steward of finances, has helped to make the choice a wise one. 
Feeling and grieving and being grateful is what we are ALL called to right now. This space has been such a haven for countless folks! It is challenging to not feel tremendous sadness in regards to what needs to be let go of. And yet, I find that life is more often that not about letting go, not holding on. So, let go we will. Let go, so new things can be birthed. Things which we cannot even imagine at this point!
Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers as we go through the process of selling the farm. My desire is for someone to buy it who will love it as we have loved it. 
And, love is really what it is all about! I am not totally sure where we will be going, but love will be there for us, wherever we plant ourselves. 
In the meantime, we continue to have exciting programs available here at The Resonant Horse! Our ever popular Horse Circles will be happening on Saturday, November 9th, from 1:30-3:00. Feel free to join us at the farm. It is a tremendous time of unwinding and experiencing nature and horses in all their glory. Dress for the weather. Event will be held rain or shine. If raining, we shall hold it inside the barn. $25.00.
AND…On November 16th, we are very excited about collaborating with Tanya H. Bevilacqua for an all day workshop focusing on The Alexander Technique. This will be a match made in heaven….A technique which focuses on the body, offering us clarity and balance, joined with the horses, for greater grounding!
This is a wonderful opportunity for those who may be feeling “less than”, stuck, unmotivated. This is the PERFECT WORKSHOP for you! By tuning into our bodies, along with the horses for support, it could just change your life!!!

Contact us for more details!!

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