What Will You Miss?

What Will You Miss?

When the Covid-19 pandemic is over, and it WILL be over, what will you miss? 
By phrasing that question, do you see what I am trying to do? I am trying to allow your brain to look past what is occurring right now, shift your gaze and focus. 

Here are a few things I will miss:
-Having permission to stay in my jammies all day!
-Being able to watch all three seasons of a TV series! In 3 days!!
-Hanging with Tank, just doing nothing but a whole lot of loving!
-RIDING. I am doing so much riding!! The social distancing of 6 feet works very well when you are astride a horse!
-No FOMO (Fear of Missing out) EVERYONE is in the same boat, so no FOMO here!!
-A sense that we are truly all in this “thing” called humanity together.
-Seeing the creativity in the world today, as viewed through social media.
If I may be so bold, I would like to focus on the gifts of this pandemic. Not that I wish harm, illness or worse on anybody. But, what I do wish for is an ability to become aware, and having to pause allows for that. In many ways we have all pushed the “stop” button together. And, out of that comes a deeper way to view the world, and possibly ourselves.
You see, this is not new to me…the horses have been teaching this  to me for a long time. As we notice how they pause in their days, lingering in their pastures, we can gain insight from them. And, hopefully, if we get the messages they offer us into our hearts, it can lead to greater clarity and freedom. That is a gift, which leads to gratitude. So…perhaps in a roundabout way, this pandemic can draw us towards gratitude. Which, pandemic or not, is a wonderful way to live!!
In no way am I sugar-coating the suffering millions are going through right now. I would never do that. Currently, I am also journeying through a large amount of suffering. And yet, even in the midst of that, I know the wisdom horses offer can be healing balm for my pain. And, for your pain as well. I have staked my life on that.
In light of that, we have some wonderful offerings planned ahead. This week, I am beginning my Podcast, “The Jen and Mindy Show”, collaborating with Jennifer Kaplan, a dear friend and fellow Coach and Equine Specialist. While we are taping this week, stay tuned for the launching. It will be a “q and a” format, with storytelling as a large component of the guests we seek to have on the show.  Storytelling leads to connection, and connection is what the horses offer us in spades. 
In the near future, I will be offering a Meditation Trail , which will will most likely be an offering for ALL of us to partake of. 
So…stay connected with us, let us know how you are doing…and begin to think about gifts…the gifts of Covid-19. They may be hard to see, but they are there. The glimpses of grace always are. We just need to slow down enough to see them. 

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