What’s Your Imprint?

What’s Your Imprint?

What kind of animal would leave this foot print, this imprint? Well, if you are familiar with The Resonant Horse, you most likely know the answer, it is our beloved Royal Palm Turkey, Jack. 
Jack came to us because he was being very amorous with the chickens, and squishing them! So, he came to us! And, we ADORE him!!

This is him, with a view from the cat! My reason for showing you the first picture is the imprint we make, even when we are not aware. It comes with living a full and purposeful life. You know the horses are WONDERFUL at aiding us in living that way! I have a lovely recent example…months ago, I was scrolling through a musicians site on Facebook. Entitled “Delco Quarantine,” it featured local musicians performing. Just a normal afternoon of listening to performers. Lo and behold, one young woman caught my eye and my ear. I thought to myself, “She is good, really good!” I spontaneously sent her video off to my daughter Shae, who just so happens to find talent for American Idol. Next thing I know, this lovely young lady is on her way to Hollywood!! Wanna know how far she makes it? That, I cannot reveal, but follow her journey…Her name is Sadie Gustafson!!
My point in all this is, living a life of letting the horses inform us can aid us in ways we cannot even imagine!  What is the imprint YOU want to leave for others? We may never know the impact we have on someone else. We really never know, that is why it is so beneficial to live a life of being curious and open. Just like the horses live. What footprint are YOU leaving?
Whatever it is, we want to assist you on that magnificent journey!
 While Mindy is finishing up her transition to a new facility, we have several things in the works. 

  • Mindy is now doing private phone and/or Zoom sessions with the horses. Schedule a time with her soon!
  • The Grace Trail is still available for walking!! This Trail is a totally self guided trail to inspire you towards greater gratitude, awe and purpose. You will enjoy the beauty of the animals as you wander along the trail, stopping at 5 stations and answering profound questions. 
  • Ever want to know more about TEDX Talks? Then join Mindy, as she teaches a  Zoom two part course at Main Line School Night: “So you Wanna Give a TEDX Talk?” The dates are March 18th and 25th! 7:00-8:30 pm. Contact her, and she will send you the info!
  • Our next blog will have the dates for 2021 Horse Circles! Stay tuned!
  • We are going to be offering half day workshops, on surviving Covid with insight from the horses!
  • A video course with my dear colleague, Jen Kaplan, from Reno, is in the works! It’s gonna be FANTASTIC! Jen is my co-host for the Podcast and when she and I get together, wonderful sparks fly! 

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