Why We Cannot Stop

Why We Cannot Stop

Quote of the Month
Blaise Pascal says that all of man’s troubles come from an inability to   sit in a room alone.


Responding to my quote of the month, I am not sure our troubles come from an inabilty to sit in a room alone, but they may surely come from an inability to sit. And be still.
We are assaulted on every side with stimulation and content. We are saturated with information, but we are very deficient in having our spiritual needs met. What if anything can be the antidote to that? The problems are not somewhere “out there” they are very close to us…perhaps even at our fingertips!
More and more, researchers are finding that we are an addicted society–to our cell phones and smart phones. Every time we hear a “ding” the dopamine receptors in our brains light up. It makes us feel good. So, we seek that feeling out, again and again.
Yes, we can take certain steps to gain strategies for weaning ourselves. We can move the device away from us, put it on mute, and create time and space when you are away from the device. Just recently, I have been making a habit of leaving my cellphone in the house when I am out in the barn for my evening and morning feeds. It is a little step, but certainly one in the right direction.
Another suggestion is to replace the smart phone device with connection. Connection with people! That is ONE THING we do rather well here at the farm. We connect, with others and with the horses. They are our own dopamine reactors! Recently, I heard from a dear friend, Tom, about his time at one of The Resonant Horrse workshops. Last year, he had attended with his son, and this was what he had to say about that experience:
“Attending the workshop was a profound experience for me, as well as for my 22 year old son. It allowed a clearing to occur between my son and I. It brought up an event in our past that took place when he was very young. We were able to revisit this event and discuss it as adults.”
Do you see what is occurring here? CONNECTION. Deep, profound connection. The kind that changes minds, hearts and souls. The kind that leads to lasting and deep transformation. What a gift these horses offer us!!
Tom goes on to say: “Mindy’s workshops will take you to places you may never get to on your own. Complete her workshop and get ready for new beginnings. I promise.”
I think Tom said that statement because he and his son were READY for new beginnings. They were READY for strong connection. The horses and the exercises offered just set the stage and their willingness and intention brought it into being.
And you? How willing are you to see habits changed, and freedom ensuing? Our next workshop is August 19th-It is a special one, which focuses on caregivers. However, we are all caring for someone, in some way, even if it is ourselves. Come be a part of true connection. Come join us for a time of connection with the horses. With your self. Contact Mindy for more information.

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