``It is hard to translate direct experience into words.``

The summer is full upon us, and we are offering wonderful workshops EVERY MONTH through the fall! The dates are: July 18th, August 13th, September 26th, and October 10th. Please consider giving yourself, or a loved one, this innovative day of nurturing and self care, surrounded by horses
One of the many experiences I bring to the workshops are fresh revelations and lessons I learn through continued education. I recently had the privilege and honor of attending a retreat with Dr. Dan Siegel (Mindisght, Brainstorm, Parenting From the Inside Out). Some of the gems I heard:

“It is hard to translate direct experience into words.”
“Self-distancing is very important. Pulling back and observing is mandatory to mental health.” With the horses, we have a moment where we pause, after initiating a stimulus. Noticing and observing is vitally important to connecting with a horse, as well as connecting with ourselves. And to others.
Dr. Dan says that if you “…Pause, and stabilize the capacity to monitor and notice, you will see much clearer, with love, openness and clarity. If you are able to monitor with stability (i.e. not overreacting) you can transform your life. You can use your mind to change your brain. By focused mind training, you increase the size of connectors with neurons. We all possess the power inside us to transform.”

Sound intriguing? Then learn more…Come join the horses, and us, and connect!! Come to a workshop!!!
Sincerely, Mindy Tatz Chernoff