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  • So Long to Jack

    Many of you, if you are local to the Phoenixville area, know and love this bird: Jack had been with us for over 2 years, he was greatly love...

  • When Old Becomes New Again     Unintentionally, The Resonant Horse has taken a bit of a sabbatical! We are now BACK, and continue to be i...

  • Horse Hacks for 2022

    It’s Valentine’s Day, and that means it is also Valentine’s week! Actually, EVERY Day should be Valentine’s Day, if ...

``If you find yourself depressed, you may be living in the past. If you find yourself anxious you may be living in the future. If you find yourself at peace, you are living in the present`` Lao Tzu


The Resonant Horse workshops are now accredited!! The ICF (International Coaching Federation) has designated The Resonant Horse Workshops to receive 12 CCE Credits for every workshop an ICF member tends!! Continue your stellar education, while allowing the Wisdom of the Horse to transform you and your world!