The Horses

The Master Teachers



Receiving numerous year end awards, including Pinto Horse Association Open Champion, Super Horse of the year with the New Jersey Pinto Horse Club. Their finest achievements were traveling to Tulsa, OK. and winning the Pinto Congress (Now the All Breed Color Congress). First as World Champion in Disciplined Rail Western Pleasure, and then becoming Reserve Champion in the same class two years later. He also received the prestigious National Snaffle Bit Trophy (NSBA), in English Pleasure. After his show career, Viton would often perform bridleless riding exhibitions for area stables, often ending with sitting on a bean bag chair!. For the last several years, Viton has been at the forefront of assisting all who attend our Horse Circles. His intuition and sensitivity is unmatched. His presence and calm demeanor have helped to move people to places of comfort, contentment and greater freedom.

He is a true gentleman. He is also the only horse in the world to be featured in two TEDX Talks! He can be seen at a Horse Circle one day, and the next leading a parade for a community at White Horse Village, a retirement center! This is why we say he wears a lot of hats!! His greatest achievement, however, is being the four-footed love of Mindy’s life. His attention to her, and the love he displays, is unmatched.


A registered black quarter Horse gelding. He has been with Mindy for many years. First, as a boarder, and now as one of her own. Rocky is considered to be the foundation of Mindy’s lesson program. He has taught countless children to ride, usually starting out on the lunge line. He is also an amazing healer in the Horse Circles, supporting those with his calm presence and demeanor. He is loved very deeply by many.


A black and white pinto gelding. Cowboy came to us needing to learn how to trust more. He has certainly accomplished that, in his short time with us! He is being used for lessons, and we are furthering his education in the Horse Circle realm. He really loves them!He is a beautiful horse, with a very willing heart. If you are quiet and soft, he will be in your back pocket!!


A magnificent black and white registered Appaloosa gelding. He came from Oregon, and Mindy thought she was bringing him in for herself. What she did not know at the time was one of her student’s grandmother’s fell in love with him, almost from the very first time she laid eyes on him! So, to the grandmother he went, and we still get to see him, as she boards with us. His personality is unmatched, and he is such an asset and a joy to have in the barn. A real character, for sure!! His curiosity and inquisitiveness are enduring qualities that make him very popular. He is owned and loved by M. Turner.


A registered Quarter Horse gelding, Jem is owned by a long time boarder. Jem previously had a long show career, eventually winning New Jersey 4-H State Showmanship Award. Her owner was 11 when she came to us, and she is now a nurse, married with children. He was the first horse she looked at, and quickly became one of her greatest loves. This, after Mindy had told her that “You never buy the first horse you go see.” Boy, was she proved wrong! Jem loves being a teacher for all those learning how to ride. He is extremely broke, quiet, and has unlimited patience with those who ride him. He is a barn favorite, for sure, and is greatly loved.


A retired thoroughbred, Hugo won a few races in his lifetime. He had a long career owned by a foxhunter, and has now come to us in his senior years. Interesting note about him, he had his front teeth removed, leaving only his molars. So, he is often seen with his tongue hanging out, which is more than adorable!!! We do our best to keep it warm in winter, and moist in the summer!! He is a kind gentle giant.


Indy comes to us by way of a therapeutic center. He is a pretty red roan quarter horse gelding, and he LOVES trail rides. He is also good in the ring, especially with our more advanced students. He loves cuddles and attention, which he gets a lot of!


Boots and Socks are an integral part of the farm. Super friendly, they entertain us with their whimsical activities, and the “presents” they often bring to us.


Days gone by, Snickers was one of our favorites! A stunning registered quarter horse gelding, grulla in color. Mindy’s dad purchased him for her as a 4-year-old. Mindy kept him, sold him to a boarder, who leased him and eventually gave him to one of my daughter’s best friends who was a lovely rider. She went off to college, and many years later, as an aged horse, he came back to Mindy once again. Sadly, Janelle who owned him for many years, passed away from cancer a few years ago. She and Snickers are reunited, as he went over the “rainbow bridge” a couple of years ago. He was an amazing healer while he was with us and a pivotal part of our Horse Circles. He was even featured in Mindy’s first TEDX Talk! How Horses Heal, Transform and Empower.


Ki was a registered Appaloosa gelding, who Mindy rode and showed to many awards, the most prestigious was the Chicago International. It is where, many years ago, she found her love of bridleless riding. That never left her!!


Jack had been with us for over 3 years, he was greatly loved and cherished by everyone who came to the farm. As the farm ambassador, he felt that he was the main attraction, not the horses! And, we did not tell him any different!! So incredibly popular, he even had his own page on the Next Door App…”Jack the Phoenixville turkey!” Jack was rehomed to the woman who raised him, and he is living on her farm.


Rocky was Mindy’s second pony, a Welsh “dappled roan liver chestnut,” as she would say. Here they are getting ready to enter a Halloween horse show, the costume class. (Which she won!) He was one of her early teachers. And helped her, at an early age, to wire her brain for satiation and contentment when around horses.