Unbridled Transformation

 All life lessons can be learned in the Barn

Service & Programs

Explore Our Programs and Services, Experience The Resonant 
Horse’s Guiding Path.

World Renowned Horse Circles

A time where one can slow down, pause, and rest in an environment of peace, calm, horses and nature.

one-on-one unmounted sessions

Connecting with the horse from the ground (unmounted) in order to further self knowledge and communication.


Contact us for workshop dates. We offer a variety of topics and formats. They often center on self care and increasing our awareness.

Half day workshops

“Connection Before Communication: How Exquisite Self Care Leds to Freedom!”

Teen Program

“Skills to handle stress…Horses Can Lead the Way and Help!” The programs are geared towards supporting adolescents. Coming soon.

Private Lessons

English or Western: All students begin their instruction 
on the lunge line, where they can connect with the horse 
and work on their legs, seat and balance, in order to cue 
the horse more effectively.

Semi-Private Lessons

English or Western: Usually one other in a class.

Group Lessons

English or Western: Usually 4 in a class.